About Abe
Creativity, Computer Science, Mathematics and Glass
I have always enjoyed combining creativity with various parts of my life. From the creativity allowed in building software systems, to creativity inside the framework of proving complexity theorems. And now to the phyiscal realm of art glass.
Kilnforming Glass is made by heating glass from 1050 to 1600 degrees Farenheit, depending on the desired effect and application. It can take many separate heat applications to make a single piece.
My current work uses glass powder (frit) and sheet glass. The powder is thinly layered on the glass to achieve the effects.
Misc Info:
Coldworking Glass Without Machines
My work is the green bowl "Forest for the Green" on the cover. Other work also appears as examples inside.
Latest Gallery
My work is now featured in Halfway Whimsical Located in scenic Halfway Oregon.
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